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Dr Raj is an award winning Aesthetic Doctor who will now be offering Medical injectables at TC Medispa. He graduated from the prestigious St Georges Medical School in 2014, through his medical career he has gained extensive experience working within both Plastic and General Surgery, and General Practice.

Whilst attaining membership to the Royal College Of General Practitioners (MRCGP), he simultaneously completed postgraduate diplomas in both Nutrition and Facial Aesthetics. It was during this period he solidified his passion for Medical Aesthetics, earning his stripes whilst working alongside a range of industry leaders in internationally renowned clinics in and around Harley Street, gaining invaluable insight and experience to cement himself as one of the rising stars in the field.

In addition to treating patients, he also works as an Aesthetic Trainer for an award winning Harley St Academy whereby he delivers masterclasses, and mentoring for aspiring injectors. He is also an affiliated member of the Aesthetic Complications Expert (ACE), a national organisation aimed at improving patient safety in medical aesthetics.

Dr Raj  is passionate and dedicated to providing hyper-personalised treatment programmes which produce truly natural yet noticeable results. He prides himself on optimising the full face rejuvenation without the patient looking ‘done’.




Anti-wrinkle injections


Anti-wrinkle injections are an exceptionally popular treatment amongst both men and women for treating fine lines and wrinkles. They are commonly used to treat forehead wrinkles. Eleven lines (frown lines), and crow’s feet. They can also be used as a non-surgical option to lift the brows.

We use FDA approved Botox for anti-wrinkle injections, it is considered to be an extremely safe procedure with minimal risk of side effects or complications when performed by a qualified injector with appropriate training.


  1 area    30 mins       £200

                     2 area    30 mins       £250

                     3 area    30 mins       £300


Jawline slimming


​Also known as masseter injections, jaw slimming treatment uses anti-wrinkle injections to produce a slimmer shape to the lower face. Anti-Wrinkle Treatment selectively weakens this muscle over time leading to an overall reduction in the size of this muscle. Following the injections, these muscles relax and reduce in size, giving a reduced jawline. This treatment is also great for correcting jawline asymmetry.


​                                30 mins       £350




Sweat reduction


Sweat reduction treatment is a procedure used to eradicate the condition known as excessive sweating or Hyperhidrosis. A problematic condition affecting mainly the under arms, but also palms of hands and feet, whereby the sufferer experiences increased perspiration. The application of this treatment is proven to be highly effective and the dramatic results have an extremely positive impact on the sufferers daily life, restoring lost confidence.


​                               30 mins       £350




No knife neck lift             


Neck lines are the lines that are produced by the (platysma) muscle which arises from the chest and shoulder, over the collarbone and runs across the lower jaw and the front of the neck. Neck lines can either present themselves as horizontal bands that circle the neck, or as vertical strips that are prominent when you clench your jaw. Fortunately these lines can be significantly improved with use of anti-wrinkle injections to strategically relax the muscle activity, not only improving lines but can result in a lifting effect.


30 mins       £300




Dermal Fillers


Dermal fillers are hugely popular and effective at treating a variety of concerns. Dermal fillers are comprised of Hyaluronic acid a substance that is naturally found within our skin and contributes to both its volume and elasticity. As we age we experience a loss of Hyaluronic acid which contributes to the formation of wrinkle and deep fold formation.


0.5ml       45 mins     £250

              1ml       45 mins     £350

Additional 1ml per session     £300


Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty


The non-surgical Rhinoplasty is an increasingly popular treatment option which can address a number of concerns in relation to the nose, including improving the profile and symmetry, straightening any bumps, and lifting the tip. This is a fantastic treatment which offers many people an alternative option to surgery.                                                                                                                    


 45 mins      £375



Tear Trough treatment   


With the increasingly hectic lives we now live a common concern for many is the appearance of dark circles beneath the eyes or simply tired looking under eyes. In addition to lifestyle adaptions we can achieve a significant improvement in this area using strategic placement of dermal fillers.


 45 mins      £375






Profhilo is a miracle skin booster. Hailed as a bioremodeling innovation, Profhilo features the highest level of concentrated Hyaluronic Acid on the market. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, key proteins for full, smooth, wrinkle-free skin. Elastin fibres become more susceptible to wear-and-tear as we age and the production of collagen naturally slows down, so this simple procedure can not only help to slow down the signs of ageing, but help to protect against it too.


     45 mins      £300


Face and neck 2 treatments


(promotional price if paid in advance)        45 mins      £1000




Fat Dissolving injections


Fat dissolving injections can be used effectively to breakdown fat cells beneath the skin, this can be used to reduce stubborn pockets of fat which are resistant to exercise and conventional weight loss strategies.


                                                                                                                                                                           45 mins      £350

(promotional price 3 treatments)          45 mins      £900





30 mins £300




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