Electrolysis and Advance Electrolysis



Sterex Blend Electrolysis  removes individual hairs from the face or body. Sterex electrolysis device destroy the growth center of the hair with heat energy. After a very fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle, the hair is removed with tweezers.




                                  10 Mins    £25

                                  15 Mins    £30

                                  20 Mins    £35





Sterex Advance Electrolysis can quickly and easily treat a wide variety of skin blemishes, often with immediate results. Our therapist will treat thread veins, skin tags, blood spots and milia spot.



Blood Spot


Blood Spot is a tiny skin hemorrhage that occurs when small blood vessels burst,  causing blood to pool under the skin. The treatment involves using a small needle and electric current on each spot. These spots are then cauterized and destroyed with the applied heat from Thermolysis.



15 Mins     £90

30 Mins     £110



Milia Spot ( Milk Spot )


Milia spot is a build-up of trapped oil under the skin.  It can often be mistaken as a spot or white head and is typically found around the eye area.  However, it can appear on other parts of the body.  Our therapist would use a micro needle to pierce the milia and a hot current to heat the oil trapped under the skin.




15 Mins     £90 

30 Mins     £110





Skin Tag


Skin Tag is a loose skin that is attached to the body.  It is caused by friction to the skin from clothing, accessories or just simply from rubbing the skin.  We use a high intensity current to laser off the skin tag.  After the treatment, a small mark may remain where the tag used to be, but over time, it will fade and disappear.




15 Mins     £90

30 Mins    £110





Thread Vein ( Spider Vein )


Thread vein tend to develop as we age and as our skin and blood vessels become less elastic.  Although hormonal Thread Vein changes due to pregnancy or the menopause can also cause thread veins.  This treatment would involve using an electrolysis needle to gently tap along the length of the capillary.  The veins would continue to break down under the skin over the next few weeks and become less obvious over time.  However, we would highly recommend a course of treatments for best results.



15 Mins     £90 

30 Mins     £110






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