Semi-Permanent Make-Up




TC Medispa is very proud to have team up with Hazel Diamond, one of the best Semi-Permanent Make-up artist in UK.

Having worked at the world-famous high-class department store; Harrods Knightsbridge, in London, as Head Technician for more than ten years, she specialises in highly skilled cosmetic medical tattooing, also known as micro-pigmentation and semi-permanent makeup/PMU.

Hazel accomplished her diploma of excellence in cosmetic and medical tattooing via training with Finishing Touches who are widely regarded as the premier cosmetic and medical trainers in the country and around the world. Using the same state-of-the-art machine as the NHS and private hospitals, called the Precision Plus Medical System, which carries a class 2a certification. Discover more about Hazel Diamond here:

All our clients’ appointments will be scheduled directly with Hazel Diamond, and all treatments will be exclusively carried out at TC Medispa.

Hazel will continue to administer the Harrods high standard of excellence and one-to-one service.





Bespoke Consultation*




Consultation and patch test




Consultation and drawing of your eyebrows and color testing


30 Mins    £30*




*Redeemable against single treatment booked within 4-12 weeks




Bespoke Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Treatments




The Nano Brow (artistic hair stroke technique)


150 Mins*    £355



The Ombre`Brow (statement look with soft & bold shading)


150 Mins*    £355



The Combo Brow (consists of both hair-stroke & ombre techniques)


150 Mins*    £355




*First appointment only




Bespoke Semi-Permanent Eyeliner Treatments



Natural Lash-liner Enhancement (upper or lower eyeliner)


90 Mins*    £265



Natural Upper & Lower Eyeliner Enhancement


90 Mins*    £285



Latino Eyeliner enhancement ( thicker and more conventional eyeliner )


105 Mins*    £300




*First appointment only



Bespoke Semi-Permanent Lip Treatments




Lip Contour Enhancement

150 Mins*    £285



Sheer Lip-Blush/ Tint

210 Mins*  £375



Full Lipstick Tint

240 Mins*   £375



Lip Neutralisation Enhancement

 240 Mins*   £375




*First appointment only



Bespoke Beauty Spot Enhancement



Beauty Spot

30 Mins*    £95



*First appointment only



Top-up treatment after first appointment:


The top-up session is recommended after the initial appointment,from week 6 up to week 12.



Natural Eyeliner

90 Mins   £110



Latino or HD Eyeliner

90 Mins   £130



All Eyebrows style

90 Mins   £155



Lip contour/Liner


90 Mins   £130



Sheer Lip-Blush/Tint

90 Mins   £175



Full Lipstick Tint

90 Mins   £175



Lip Neutralisation


90 Mins   £175



Beauty Spot

45 Mins   £45




Maintenance & Annual Treatments:


Regular booster sessions to your semi-permanent make up ensures that your new look stays looking fresh and fabulous all year round.




Up to 4 months of initial treatments


90 Mins    £130




Up to 6 months of initial treatments


90 Mins    £170



Up to 8 months of initial treatments


90 Mins    £250



Up to 12 -14 months annual top-up fee applies at


90 Mins    £295




NB: All maintenance and annual retouch appointments consists of a single session only. Terms and conditions apply.



















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