Waxing removes ( facial or body hair ) by covering the skin with a layer of wax that is peeled off after hardening, uprooting the encased hairs. The advantages of hot wax are that they promote skin hydration with all its natural and soothing ingredients which leaves your skin feeling smooth and completely hair-free, hence making them more suitable for more sensitive skin. Hot wax also lessens the chance of skin reddening.

The amount of time waxing lasts for is dependent on the body area, and how quickly your hair grows. When clients ask how long leg waxing lasts, we usually advise that they can expect smooth legs for up to six weeks. For bikini waxes, it’s usually more like three to four weeks.




Harley Hot Wax


Using only the finest ingredients and essential oils and resins , it’s low-melt temperature will guarantee client comfort and total satisfaction, removing hair as short as 1mm on the most stubborn and sensitive area.

This product is suitable for both  male and female clients.


  • • Causes less irritation and little or no redness
  • • Leaves no sticky residue
  • • Suitable for all types of skin and hair
  • • Removes hair as short as 1mm
  • • Ideal for people with very sensitive skin


Bikini Standard

15 Mins    £22



Bikini High

30 Mins    £30




30 Mins    £44



15 Mins    £16




15 Mins    £20



Full Arm

30 Mins    £33



Full Face

30 Mins    £45


Full Leg

30 Mins    £42


Half Arm

30 Mins    £25



Half Leg

30 Mins    £32



30 Mins    £50



15 Mins    £15


Lip & Chin

15 Mins    £25


Lip & Eyebrow

15 Mins    £32


Three Quarter Leg

30 Mins    £36



15 Mins    £22





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