Lipofirm Plus Ultrasound Fat Removal




The Science of Lipofirm Plus treatments and its benefits are both short and long term. You will see a marked improvement straight away, which like a regular superficial face or body treatment will fade over the next 2-3 days. The greatest benefit of these treatments however is in the long term, and the fact that the effect will continue to improve over a period of 6 months.


Short term – Contraction of existing collagen
Long Term – New collagen formation, elastic fibers and hyaluronic acid
Final Effect – Redefining and remodeling



Ultrasound Fat Removal

Ultrasonic cavitation, also known as aesthetic cavitation, is a revolutionary new approach to fat reduction that does not involve surgery or invasive procedures.

Ultrasound technology has been used for many years and has been proven to be completely safe. The treatment is an effective alternative to liposuction and works by targeting and destroying fat cells without damaging any other tissue or organs. Fat cells take up to ten years to regenerate so all the fat cells in the body can regenerate over 5-10 years. Therefore the effect of the treatment can be long term and can be maintained with minimal top up treatments.

Following treatment the fat released from the cells is transported to the liver where it is processed in the same way as fat from the diet and when we break down fat to use as energy. Some will be excreted by the kidneys but it is helpful to stick to a low calorie diet and maintain activity levels particularly on the day of the treatment so the extra fat released by the ultrasound procedure can be burned up and used as energy rather than being stored elsewhere by the body.


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